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      PonyStreams is a centralized way to keep track of your favorite and find new MLP:FiM related streams!
      Register for an account to get started.
      A Streaming Guide by Starcraft 2 pro gamer Steven Bonnell II can be found here.
      Register A Stream to get your Stream displayed! PonyStreams will automatically detect when you are broadcasting and provide a link in the Online Streams list.
      Stream Stats that PonyStreams gets from your Provider (such as online status) are updated every 5 minutes. New Streams are not polled for their stats immediatley and will have to wait for the next update. The page's data will automatically update every 2.5 minutes, so there is no need to refresh. You can check the time until your next update at the bottom right corner.
      Favorite a Stream by clicking on the star icon. The Stream will now show up under your Favorite Streams even when the owner isn't broadcasting. You can un-favorite the Stream by clicking the heart icon.
      Descriptions should be broad and concise. The Stream's description shows up as the tooltip for its link in the Stream lists.
      Broadcasting Streams will have a signal icon next to their name while Streams that are offline will have a pause icon.
      Scheduled Broadcasts can be set up by registered users up to a week in advance. If you plan on streaming at any point during the week simply add your scheduled broadcast and it will appear on everyone's weekly calendar. Scheduled broadcasts can be cancelled later.
      Stream Categories exist to help users find Streams that interest them.
      • Art - Streaming the live creation of drawings/music/animations/etc.
      • Episodes - Streaming episodes.
      • Fanwork - Live fanfic readings/PMVs/any other already finished content.
      • Other - Anything else pony related.
      NSFW: Streams should be flagged as NSFW if they involve gore or sexual themse (make sure your provider allows this sort of content before streaming!). Streams that are NSFW will have a [NSFW] tag included next to their name on the Stream lists.


      PonyStreams supports several providers: Due to limitations in their API certain features are not available for different providers:
      • Justin TV - All features available.
      • Livestream - All features available.
      • UStream - Current viewer count not available. Embedding not available.
      Justin TV will be the only provider that is guaranteed to have 100% feature coverage in the future.


      You can find PonyStream's source on github.
      Future Plans:
      • Additional Themes - Spike, Celestia, Luna, CMC and other background ponies.